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Pre-drawn Designs Available Now

Updated May 26, 2024

Heather regularly posts pre-drawn designs which can be tattooed within a month or so of receiving your inquiry.  Her pre-drawn designs are typically offered at $100/hour, unless listed with a flat rate price below.  Designs can usually be tweaked (e.g. swapping color for black & grey) to accommodate your needs.  Most floral designs are repeatable (with some minor change per each to ensure uniqueness) while other designs are for the first person who claims it.
Pre-drawns have a minimum height of 4” and are for arms & legs only.

Once you've filled out the form below, you will be contacted via the shop to leave a $60 deposit either via credit card or Venmo to hold your reservation and take any claimed unique design off the form below.

Thanks for looking!

Claim your chosen design

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You should expect a response within 48 hours

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